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Chemical Special Lime

I. Water Treatment Agent
1. It has a coagulation aiding effect on colloidal particles in water treatment, and is used as a particle kernel weighting agent, to accelerate the precipitation separation of insoluble substances.
2. pH value adjustment (the pH value of tap water should be 7.5): it can increase the mouthfeel, and eliminate yellow water.
The price of each ton of 30% sodium hydroxide alkali liquor is equivalent to that of each ton of calcium hydroxide powder; however, the price of calcium hydroxide powder is less than 50% of that of sodium hydroxide alkali liquor in the aspect of treatment effect.
II. Food Desiccant, Industrial Desiccant
III. Environmental Protection Neutralizer
It can be applied to acidic wastewater, sewage treatment, boiler flue gas desulfurization and metallurgical desulfurization, and can be applied in the industries with higher requirements on specific surface area of calcium hydroxide.
1. As a high-alkaline chemical agent, it can neutralize acidic wastewater or heavy metal wastewater, to make acidic wastewater become neutral.
2. It can absorb SO2 in boiler flue gas, to ensure that the sulfur content of the exhausted flue gas accords with environmental protection standards.
3. It can effectively remove phosphate radical, sulfate radical, fluorine ions and other negative ions.
4. It has the effects of destabilizing and demulsifying emulsion wastewater by adjusting the pH value.
5. It is a general alkaline chemical agent for wastewater treatment, which is superior to sodium hydroxide alkali liquor according to the effect of coagulation decoloration, and is the preferred alkalinity neutral chemical agent recognized in the whole world.
IV. It can be applied to chemical raw materials, additives, auxiliaries, filler tanning, metallurgy, coatings, petroleum oil, papermaking, foods, medicines, feeds, etc., and can be used as a antacid, as well as a raw material for preparing bleaching agents, calcium hypochlorite and light carbonic acid.
V. Other Uses:
Stone cutting auxiliaries, soil stabilizers, concrete texturizers, chemical reagents, calcium alkyl sulfonate, calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate, medicinal antacids, astringents, water softening agents, plastic fibers, thermal mortar, calcium silicate and other industries
 (Available: bulk cargo canning, ton-bag packing and 25KG inner packing)
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