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Company existing staff 200 people, including various types of professional and technical post

2015/05/21 15:28
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HongYuan industrial co., LTD was founded in 2005, is located in penglai city north ditch town industrial park, is a collection of new building materials manufacturing, seafood export processing, chemical raw materials such as research and development of an integrated technology-based private enterprises, has HongYuan calcium industry, HongYuan new building materials, HongYuan food, and many other subsidiaries, the company existing staff 200 people, including various types of professional and technical titles of senior technical personnel more than 40, the company's main products are "HongYuan card" quick lime, lump lime powder, lime powder, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, and many other varieties, is widely used in metallurgy cosolvent, chemical industry, paper making, water treatment, sewage treatment, leather, rubber, plastic filling agent, construction, reconstruction of roadbed, agriculture, forestry and farming, waste incineration, thermal power plant desulphurization, all kinds of boiler flue gas desulfurization, acid, etc. Products are exported to Russia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, is one of the largest calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and jiaodong important production base of nano-sized calcium carbonate.