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Wastewater treatment lime application trends

2019/01/19 09:16
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Our country is a vast country, but the relative shortage of water resources, especially in recent years is not enough water for the people, with the rapid development of industry, the impact of industrial pollution on the water more and more serious, so for industrial sewage treatment have been very seriously. 
Most industrial wastewater containing acidic substances and heavy metal ions, a great impact on the water, wastewater treatment, the best way is to use lime or lime processing products --- calcium hydroxide.
Calcium hydroxide is a white powder, with a strong base properties in the steel industry, power industry, chemical industry, coal, etc., can be recycled waste water treatment, industrial water recycling rate increase. And calcium hydroxide as a base, and water pH, improve water environment, reduce the content of harmful substances, flocculation heavy metal ions.
 But the rational use of calcium hydroxide treatment of sewage, but also the need to improve the production process pollution, improve paper, chemicals, high water consumption and high pollution enterprises in environmental protection technology and equipment, the source of water, try to adopt effective means to deal with.