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Quicklime disinfection methods

2019/01/19 09:16
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  Also known as quicklime, calcium oxide, white, blocky and powdered, granular points, highly alkaline, can react with atmospheric carbon dioxide. It can also react with water. Reaction with water emits great heat into lime, used to do as a desiccant, phosphorus water treatment agent, disinfectant and so on. Today highlighted its role as a disinfection method.
Lime disinfection reaction principle is very simple, we have talked about above water will react with the lime into lime, and accompanied by a huge release of heat, so as alkali nature of lime itself will be able to make the water is strongly alkaline, causing disease microbes and wild miscellaneous fish difficult to survive death, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection clear pond. For most propagation type pathogens strong disinfection. Another advantage is that in the future as a basic lime to raise the PH value of the water body and the water it will be able to combine some of the heavy metal ions so as to achieve the purpose to reduce the toxicity of the water body. And enables suspended solids flocculation down, so that the water becomes clean and bright. More able to improve sediment, increase calcium fertilizer, improve the utilization of aquatic plants calcium, phosphorus, beneficial plankton, keeping a good ecological environment of water.
For a usage and dosage of lime disinfection standard advice, although we each kind of disinfection method of quick lime dosage is different. For example:. Dry cleaning dosage of 60-80 kg per acre pond, with clear water pond when the depth of the water consumption per meter 100-150 kg per acre; Water disinfection in the depth of the water consumption per meter 10-20 kg per acre. Above is zhanglongjiudian the technical advice to everyone a general reference dosage, can according to the actual situation to make corresponding adjustment. But we are in the process of using lime disinfection is there are a few points we need to pay special attention to. Such as:
1. The start when we speak the chemical properties of calcium is mentioned, will react with carbon dioxide into carbonate calcium lime, into calcium carbonate after its chemical properties will occur completely different is, thus lose the effect of disinfection.
2. Quick lime total remember not to use, with some fertilizer such as nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizer. The reason is simple: quick lime generates a lot of OH -, under the influence of water make the NH4 + + OH - ≒ NH3 · H2O equilibrium to the right, high ammonia content easy cause fish ammonia poisoning. By the same token, the ammonia nitrogen content in the water is higher than 1.2 mg/l, also should not be put to use quick lime. Additional ammonium n fertilizer can be used only every other week after quicklime, avoid by all means to mix. After phosphate inorganic phosphorus at pH 6.5 7.5 mainly HPO42 -, exists in the form of H2PO4 -. If mixed with lime in pH greater than 7.5, reacts to generate Ca (PO4) 2, easy to form calcium salt precipitation and make effective phosphorus loss. Generally after the quicklime at least once every 10-15 Arabian phosphate.
3. Quick lime can't used together with the acidic nature of the chemical products, such as ferric sulfate, bleaching powder, copper sulfate, etc. Because of its assembly and quick lime alkaline, reduce the disinfection effect.
4. Quick lime unsuitable mixed with organic complex. Water soluble organic complex generate insoluble complex with calcium ions, reduce the complex curative effect.