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Penglai, known as Dengzhou in ancient China, is located at the northern tip of Shandong Peninsula, separated with Liaotung Peninsula in the north, and separated with South Korea and Japan in the east by a narrow strip of water. Factory of Hongyuan adjoins National Highway 206 and Dalongyan railway under construction, is only 1mk away from the national class open port Luanjiakou Port, 20km away from Penglai New Port, 25km away from Yantai Chaoshui Airport, and 20km away from the Penglai west exit of Rongwu Expressway. Sea, land and air transportation conditions here integrate together, Hongyuan factory enjoys rather advantageous regional transportation advantages. 
The place where Hongyuan is located belongs to Shandong Peninsula hilly land, near which Mountain Weiyang and other mountains spread for miles. It is the main producing area of high-quality limestone and also one of the gathering places of Jiaodong cement manufacturing industry and enjoys unique resource advantages.
In order to build the largest and the best lime production base in Jiaodong Peninsula, Hongyuan has established its development goal of “Technological Innovation, Win by Quality” and developed a complete quality safety assurance system in the beginning of its establishment.
Hongyuan introduces in the most advanced lime kiln firing technology from Western Europe, adopts currently the most scientific firing mechanism and uses electronic detectors for monitor in the whole firing process. All its production process shall go through the (DCS) computer automation controlled automatic lime kiln. Hongyuan now can produce 500,000 tons of all kinds of quality lime products, 300,000 tons of lime powder, 100,000 tons of calcium hydroxide, and 120,000 tons of nanometer-grade calcium carbonate per years, thus it can meet the demands of different customers and Hongyuan is the largest calcium oxide and calcium carbonate production base in Jiaodong.
Hongyuan adheres to exploiting and selecting quality limestone, and selects low-sulfur quality coal as raw materials, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the product quality from the source. At present, quality of all the lime products produced by Hongyuan has reached class-A according to the detection of related national departments. The high-calcium and low-sulfur lime and lime powder have reached or exceeded the national metallurgical industrial standard and requirements of environmental desulfurization.
We will always adhere to taking quality products as foundation, advanced technology as backing, and the best service as concept; strive to be a customer-friendly enterprise, cooperate with customers for win-win, and save costs and create value for customers through superior products. We sincerely welcome friends from around the world to do business with us for common development.