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A clear spring comes out from mountain creeks and flows long to the sea finally. During which, the spring has ever detoured among gullies; has ever galloped on the plain pleasantly; and has ever experienced the rapids and waterfalls but also gurgling fine water. This is just the history of Hongyuan in its ten years of development. Hongyuan has always adhered to making innovation unswervingly, insisted on keeping the environmental protection concept, the ecological concept and the responsible concept, sought for coexistence, mutual benefits and win-win with our strategic partners, and strived to keep pace with the spirit of the times.
A clear spring forms a river automatically, and it flows so long that all business around it thrives. Since the original start from scratch to the establishment of our branch factories in succession; from single operation to diversified development; from a single-type manufacturing enterprise to a comprehensive group company, during the ten years, Hongyuan has been following the business philosophy of “Sincerity & Credit, Cooperation & Win-win” and upholding an attitude of “Grateful to the Society, Return the Society ” and been devoted to the in-depth development of the new environmental protection industrial chain and the deep-processing of high-grade marine products. Every key node in her growth and every strategic expansion she implements are all closely connected with the support of governments at all levels, all walks of the society and strategic partners. Because of you, even the time passes, what changes are the positions of the seasons but what remains changeless is trust and the pattern of win-win, we believes in time and tide will not stay still but we more believe that God will reward those who are sincere.
The uppermost kindness is like water; great virtue bears all things; virtue and harmony win the world. Hongyuan is willing to join hands with you to build the dream of Ecological China with sincerity and kindness.
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