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Hongyuan Industry Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Hongyuan) originated in 2005 is located in Beigou Industrial Park, Penglai with an area of 170mu. It is a privately owned comprehensive technical enterprise integrating the manufacturing of new building materials, export and processing of marine products, the R&D of raw chemical materials, etc. At present, Hongyuan has a number of subsidiaries including Hongyuan Calcium Industry Co., Ltd., Hongyuan New Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Hongyuan Food Co., Ltd., and has a total of 200 or more employees, including over 40 senior technical personnel with various professional technical titles. Hongyuan mainly deals in Hongyuan quick lime locks, granular quick lime, quick lime powder, heavy calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, etc., which are widely applied in metallurgy cosolvent, chemical industry, paper-making, water treatment, sewage treatment, leather-making, rubber, plastic filling auxiliaries, building, roadbed transformation, agriculture and forestry cultivation, waste incineration, thermal power plant desulfurization, boiler flue gas desulfurization and deacidification, etc. In addition, Hongyuan products are exported to Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Hongyuan is the largest and important calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and nanometer calcium carbonate in Jiaodong area.